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Buying a home is getting a bit more expensive. Several days ago, CMHC announced an increase in premium for buyers that are putting less than 10% down. As of June 1, the increase in premium will be about 15%. This increase will add appromimately $5-10 per month to a buyer's monthly mortgage amount. 

But that is not all. Starting July 1, Registering new land titles and mortgage documents is also getting more expensive. Currently there is a flat fee portion for registering documents, which is currently $50 and it will go up to $75. The other variable portion is based on the value of the transaction and that is where home buyers will really feel the increase. The current rate will be going up by 6 times the current amount. 

For examples and more

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It is very easy to fall in love with a home upon entry. Everything seems perfect; It even has that cute little built in bench you have always dreamed of. Before you write your offer, take a moment to think and consider the following:

  • Proximity to work or other places you visit daily – Often people say they don’t mind the extra drive to get the house they want, however, this sentiment seems to wear off after a while. Imagine yourself on slick roads in slow moving traffic. Are you still okay with this commute?
  • Schools – As mentioned in a previous blog, do not assume you are able to go to the closest school. Always verify the school catchment areas if you are wanting a particular school.
  • Transportation – Do you need to be next to a
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The question of what an RPR (Real Property Report) is comes up many times. Simply put, it is a land survey of a property illustrating the physical features. Some of the information included on an RPR includes the property legal description and municpal address, property boundaries, adjacent roads or properties, improvements and structures on the property likes decks and fences, right of way, easements and encroachments. It is usually a sellers responsibilty to provide an RPR to a buyer.

Why should a seller have an RPR?

An RPR can protect a seller from future liability. A seller and their real estate agent need to know what they are selling to ensure there are no misrepresentations made. Legal problems can occur if a property is sold and it is later

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Moving day is exciting, bit it can be hectic and chaotic. The key to having a smooth move is to be prepared and organized. Here are a few things to think about before moving day:

  • Movers: Whether you are using professional movers, renting a truck or getting a bunch of friends together, plan and organize it early. Many people move on the 1st, 15th or 30th of the month, so book really early if your moving day is on one of these days.


  • Utilities: It is important that you call the local utilities to get their services changed into your name. These include phone, internet, television, gas, electricity and water. I can't imagine it would be pleasant to move into you new home and not have power. Remember, too, to cancel the services at your old
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With all the new neighbourhoods popping up, people often pick a lot to build on based on the neighbourhood plan provided by the builder. As a real estate agent, I find out for my clients what land around them is zoned for, in order to help them make an informed decision. But buyer beware! Things can be re-zoned after you purchase. Many homeowners are finding this out the hard way.

A specific example is the neighbourhood of Secord. About a year ago, many purchased lots and were told the land by them would be used for townhomes. Once many homeowners settled in, they found out the developer asked for the nearby land to be re-zoned for a low rise condo building. This is currently happening in several areas in Edmonton and affecting many home owners. Owners

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Many people move into an area and assume that their kids can go to the nearest school. In many cases, this is true but this should never be assumed. With many schools facing capacity issues, a possible solution for some school boards is to re-draw the boundaries for designated schools. For example, if you live on the east side of Summerside (from 88st heading East) your designated Edmonton Public school is Michael Strembitsky (kindergarden to grade 9). If you live west of 88st in Summerside, your Edmonton Public elementary neighbourhood school is actuallys Satoo School in Millwoods (k-6). Why you may ask? Let's look at the facts. Michael Strembitsky school has only been open since 2012, currently has 1047 students enrolled and 8 portable classrooms on

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It's that time again .. and no it's not Christmas. It's time for Spring Cleaning! And I can help .. and no I will not come to your house and clean for you! Realty Executives is a proud sponsor of the Canadian Diabetes Association. You can donate many of your unwanted treasures to charity and here is the best part - they will come and pick them up. If you would like some of their clothing donation bags, I can provide you with some. All you have to do is ask. Items that can be donated are:

*Gently used clothing *All cloth-based items *Bedding *Sleeping bags *Belts/Ties *Yarn *Blankets *Drapes *Pillows *Footwear *Small household items: Kitchenware, pots & pans, tools, blenders, etc. *Electronics: Small electronics – cell…
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Like anyone else, I love surprises. However, not all surprises are good. An example of that would be finding incorrect or outdated information on your credit report! Yup .. imagine you have found your dream home and you go to see your lender for final approval, just to get denied over a discrepency on your credit report. This could take weeks or months to resolve, depending on the situation. In Alberta, if a financial institution agrees that there is an error on your credit report, the credit reporting agency has up to 90 days to correct your credit report (in most provinces it's 30 days). 90 DAYS!

Many Canadians are not aware of what is on their credit report. Even if you are not interested in buying a home, there is a multitude of reasons to ensure

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Are you thinking of buying a brand new home in Edmonton? Did you know you can use a REALTOR® to help you through the process? Here are some of the advantages:

  • It costs you nothing!
  • The salesperson in the show home seems nice, pleasant and helpful. But who are they helping? Remember that they work for the builder .. so who is working for you?
  • Information – Are there going to be commercial buildings popping up in your backyard? Have someone look up planned developments in the new area.
  • Negotiation – Not all builders negotiate. Find out which ones do and have someone negotiate on your behalf.
  • Interpret Mumbo Jumbo – Have someone read through the pages of contractual jargon and help you understand everything. In addition, have someone
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I would like to welcome all visitors to my new web site and blog. I will be modifying my site as time goes on and I would love to get some feedback. Is there a particular topic of interest you would like addressed? Do you have any suggestions to improve the site? Did you find what you were looking for? Feel free to comment on anything real estate related! Thanks for visiting!

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